“Mind Body Reboot”

I’ve put together a specialized program using holistic health, movement and functional medicine testing to provide and overall reboot to your body from the inside out;

Agreeing to put your health, energy, and clarity first in a 6 month period of integrative, individual and personal attention. I walk you through a process of transforming your energy, sleep, and mood in great detail. Using functional medicine testing we will do a deep dive into how your body operates and what it needs to be as balanced as possible. This is a journey we go on together to get down to your bio individuality, specific to your own needs, so you feel your best in your everyday life; whether thats more energy to keep up with your family, training performance, healing from chronic illness, or everyday stress. The Mind Body Reboot program is tailored specifically for you to meet your goals and needs, in a holistic method, by getting to the root causes of your symptoms. Balancing your body and mind to feel a vibrant energy you never thought possible!



a simple shift in perception from fear to love



gut health, health, wellness, yoga, pilates, healing, mind healing through gut

Rejuvenate at the Eaton Hotel Washington DC

Join Pure Duff and Distill & Express for an evening of yoga, reiki & relaxation to get yourself feeling balanced and refreshed. Sign up available for Wednesday October 23rd!



This took me slightly longer than expected to understand and put into shape. My passion for everything health started with a set of unfortunate loses that have now turned into a HUGE gain for myself and those around me.

gut health, health, wellness, yoga, pilates, healing, mind healing through gut

The Decoding

I can’t remember exactly when it started but anxiety has lived with me as long as I can remember. I showed up for it and it was there to greet me so generously!


 About Jennifer

As a certified integrative nutritionist I feel so lucky to help those around me achieve any wellness goal they may have as well as those who may not know it yet. Focusing on overall health and nutrition each client is individualized within their desires.

gut health, health, wellness, yoga, pilates, healing, mind healing through gut

a health and wellness enthusiast certified in holistic nutrition, I guide women &men to make positive changes in lifestyle and health using nutrition, functional medicine testing, pilates and yoga”