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“Putting myself first was a quiet thing - soft and certain, a gentle rebellion long overdue”



About Jennifer


This took me slightly longer than expected to understand and put into shape. My passion for everything health started with a set of unfortunate loses that have now turned into a HUGE gain for myself and those around me. When my now 12 year old son was diagnosed on the spectrum at 18 months health became the only way to manage what felt like an unmanageable situation. It took many years of yoga, meditation, nutrition counseling, supplemental variations to become an advocate for mind and body healing through nutrition and wellness methods. Certified in pilates and yoga allows for a more flexible program to tailor movement into the everyday life in a simple yet effective way.

As a certified integrative nutritionist I feel so lucky to help those around me achieve any wellness goal they may have as well as those who may not know it yet. Focusing on overall health and nutrition each client is individualized within their desires. I strongly believe the various techniques used, whether it be eating nutrient dense food, exercise, detoxification and meditation each of which specialized to the individual. The ever changing and growing wellness options will be catered specifically in order to set the stage for living your most loving and energetic life possible.