Your mind, body & health.

A health and wellness enthusiast certified in holistic nutrition, I treat people to make positive changes in lifestyle and health using nutrition, pilates and yoga.


miracle :

a simple shift in perception from fear to love



This is a transformational change of both the mind and body. I am there to help you seek the benefits of a six month dedication to yourself. This is effective in all areas of health, physical and emotional. We meet in person or virtually twice a month for 6 months and over text, phone and email in between. I will guide you to make you feel healthier, more positive and authentically you!


Join me and a small group in a 3-week “reset” program designed to provide quick, easy solutions to clean up your diet and lifestyle. This reboot program comes with easy whole food recipes, a look inside your habits and primary food relationships, all guided through phone, email and text. This is an easy was to look closely without a huge time commitment to what small changes can take place to get big results emotionally and physically. The cost for this reset program is $100 for now for 3 weeks.