Simply a free hour of one on one time to discuss (remote options available) how I can help to improve your health and wellness needs.

Mindful Warrior

Join me in this individualized step by step plan where I use various holistic health and wellness techniques to achieve the ultimate mindful warrior. The most popular and ever changing option we will implement and execute what will work most easily in your daily life to maintain an optimal lifestyle.

*this individualized plan can be used with any of the others in addition

Peaceful Shopper

You and me and a shopping cart. The most luxurious food shopping experience of your life! This is where I will take you from general food shopping to fun experience learning how to buy nutrient dense food while working within your budget.


My personal favorite and something I feel very passionate about. I will take you through steps to determine your gut connection and what it means to your overall health. This is not a juice cleanse but rather a deeper look at your gut health and how we can detoxify and improve it.


Not what you’d think. more to come!